The Department of Information Resources (DIR) has awarded Contract Number DIR-TSO-4139 to DataVise Information Technology Services, Inc., Vendor Contract No. 357-18. This contract offers IT security products and related services, and allows state agencies, educational and other governmental entities to purchase Comprehensive Services directly from DataVise. Going direct simplifies and streamlines the process that is required to acquire outsourced services.

Our DIR Contract offers the following Services: Multi-Factor Authentication and Authorization Control Services, Contingency Planning; Operational and Disaster Recovery, Identity Management Services,  Network and System Monitoring and Auditing Services, Network and System Capability and Stress Testing Services,  Network Discovery, Mapping, and Inventory services ,  Secure Asset Configuration and Management Services,  Security Governance and Advisory Services,  Security Infrastructure Design, Management and Support Services,  Security Intelligence and Alerting Services,  Security Policy Development ,   Security Product Implementation and Management Services,  Security Training Services, SCADA Contingency Planning; Operational and Disaster Recovery , SCADA Network and System Monitoring and Auditing Services, SCADA Security Governance and Advisory Services, SCADA Security Infrastructure Design, Management and Support Services, SCADA Security Policy Development, SCADA  Security Training Services,  Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment,  Cloud Compliance,  Vulnerability Scanning,  Web Application Scanning, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Log Management and Analysis,  Threat Research.

DIR Contract

DIR Contract Pricing

Instructions for Obtaining Quotes

Please submit a Statement of Work (SOW), a Requirements Summary, Request for Pricing (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) to DataVise ITS, Inc. via: mail, email(datavise@datavise.net) or facsimile (512-472-2933). DataVise will provide Quotations or Formal Proposals as desired by the Customer Organization.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us (512-472-2932 x105).(datavise@datavise.net) we’re happy to help.

Designated Order Fulfiller


512-472-2932 x105


All labor will be warrantied for a period of 60 days following Task Completion.

Return Policy

There is no return policy for products or services.

Purchase Orders

Please submit Purchase Orders reference DIR contract number DIR-TSO-4139, to DataVise ITS, Inc. via mail, email or facsimile.  Contact any DataVise Representative for assistance.

Mailing address: POB 1298 Burnet, TX 78611

Email: datavise@datavise.net

Facsimile: 512-472-2933

Attention: Riley Carruthers


DataVise ITS, Inc. is a part of the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program (https://dir.texas.gov/View-About-DIR/Pages/Content.aspx?id=41 )