Niche Markets...

Our firm specializes in technical system services devoted to design, development, implementation, and maintenance of embedded and free standing automation products. Additionally, DataVise offers skilled technical assistance in the entire range of logistics support functions such as configuration management, training, data management, and program management. Over the last three (3) years of operations, DataVise has developed a number of key Niche areas. These areas, while distinct, are complimentary and related. The following is a summary of these areas:

Core Business:
DataVise's core business will, for the foreseeable future, remain constant in three basic service areas:

Information Systems:
Primary focus will be in support of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Automated Inventory Management, Document Storage and Retrieval, Data Base Development, and Smart Card Technology Application.

Technical System Services:
Supported by a core cadre of experienced senior technicians, DataVise will support technology insertion, system integration, Hardware and Software system integration, and information systems and communication protocol interfaces.

Technical Consulting:
The company will provide both application and organizational production consulting. We will focus on Organizational Assessments, Systems Analysis, Requirements Validation, Acquisition Strategies, Independent Validation and Evaluation, and system operations.