DataVise management personnel have a long in history Building Automation / Industrial Control Systems (hereinafter referred to as SCADA), beginning at Luke AFB where the 58th CES developed and installed a SCADA system that monitored and controlled all major facilities. The Luke AFB System was at the forefront of today’s Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS). This pioneer system monitored and controlled multiple facilities included the Military Hospital, administrative office buildings, flight operations buildings, life support buildings the electric distribution system, water wells, sewage lift stations and Military Family Housing. The Luke System utilized dedicated communications rather than internet connectivity. Today’s SCADA technology employs the latest internet connectivity using a variety of proprietary and open source communications protocols, enabling more sophisticated operation at the price of increased vulnerability to hostile Cyber Security Threats if proper mitigation strategies are not in effect.

SCADA within the military environment differ in many ways from the typical commercial applications. Commercial/Industrial SCADA implementations typically have a much smaller focus than those found on the typical military installation. For example: a city water SCADA system will primarily focus on the status of well and pumping controls and the associated commercial or emergency power systems. The temperature of the control room is normally not a major concern. The SCADA system associated with the chilled water systems within a building complex does not normally have inputs from the sewage lift stations that also support the complex. Conversely, the Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS) on a military installation will be concerned about the chiller at the hospital, water wells that provide domestic water to military family housing, the temperature in the office facilities during and after normal duty hours and the status of the facility electrical distribution system. Therefore, the IA Threat to a military EMCS is different from most industrial installations.

The typical industrial SCADA installation will include hardware and network documentation under the cost of the system and the documentation can usually be maintained because the changes are usually minimal. Often, the documentation associated with a SCADA system located on a military installation or agencies employing .mil internet systems may not be updated or current with respect to many key Cyber Security concerns and policy mandates.

DataVise updated and maintained SCADA Systems at Defense Information Systems Agency’s computer facilities. The system referred to as the Computer Monitoring and Control System (CMCS) was responsible for the environmental and support systems that assured 24/7 operation of the consolidated data centers supporting multiple Defense Organizations. As an Iconics Software Reseller, DataVise assisted the OEM in conducting initial Accreditation of the installed software used at DISA and other DoD locations. The design and redundancy of the Iconics Software allowed Facility Management Personnel to remotely shut down building controls on 911 to significantly reduce the spread of smoke and toxic gases.